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Ethiopian Opal Bracelet & Ring

RM 35.00

Ethiopian opals are some of the rarest gems in the world. Not coincidentally, they are also some of the most in-demand gemstones on the market.

Like most gemstones, Ethiopian Opal boasts a variety of healing properties. The stone is believed to strengthen the will to live and help its beholder to appreciate the beauty of life. With this in mind, the mineral can benefit those suffering from depression and mental illness. Ethiopian Opal is also thought to strengthen the heart and regulate the metabolism, making it ideal for those trying to lose weight. The stone can also be used to release sexual tension and to help its beholder deal with new emotions. Darker varieties of the stone are said to absorb pain and illness and replace it with positive warm feelings.

A specific variety of Ethiopian Opal, Chocolate Opal Fire, boasts it’s own range of healing benefits. The stone can support its beholder through life’s emotional turmoil, helping its owner to let go of the negative emotions associated with grief. Physically, the stone is thought to combat pain in the neck and spine. With this in mind, the stone is popular amongst those suffering from back pain and tension headaches. Chocolate Opal Fire can also be used for warming and re-energising the body, as well as healing the intes-tines and kidneys.

* Earrings are made using s925 silver/ 24k gold plated or stainless steel finishing, hence it is suitable for sensitive ears as it's nickel free.

* Please note: Each pieces of crystal may vary slightly in size, appearance, grain & colour as our crystals are natural element & hand crafted.

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