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L937 Rose quartz (4mm) Minimalist

RM 75.00

Rose Quartz has been believed to possess powerful qualities of love and healing in all those who come into contact with it. It has been part of romantic ceremonies and rituals for thousands of years and is thought to not only strengthen the bond between two people for eternity, but also to strengthen one's ability to love in the first place. Its healing properties teach us how to love ourselves first so that we can love others around us, which is why it has stood the test of time as one of the most desirable gemstones of the world.

The Ancient Egyptians also believed that the healing properties of the pink Love Stone were so powerful that they could actually prevent the development of wrinkles and the general effects of aging. Of course, the scientific proof might have been lacking back then, but the spiritual aura that Rose Quartz emits has clearly made its impression on human civilisations for many a year.

* Earrings are made using s925 silver/ 24k gold plated or stainless steel finishing, hence it is suitable for sensitive ears as it's nickel free.

* Please note: Each pieces of crystal may vary slightly in size, appearance, grain & colour as our crystals are natural element & hand crafted.

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